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How Do I Feel About These Popular Romance Authors? Let’s Talk Emily Henry, Ana Huang, and Ann Liang!

As I’ve only started to get back into reading recently, I’ve mostly been exposed to more popular books and authors — books that everyone and their mothers have read. I’ve tried some books from popular romance authors, and I also have a few books of theirs that I would love to check out! Let’s chat about them.

Emily Henry

people we meet on vacation emily henry
book lovers emily henry
the love that split the world emily henry
funny story emily henry

Emily Henry is everywhere with her romcom novels that feature girlies like us — bookworms, writers, travel junkies — who, maybe unlike us, meet hot guys they share witty banter with.

I am all for cutesy, light romcoms with a hint of angst, which is why it’s no surprise that I’ve enjoyed my first two Emily Henry adult romcoms — People We Meet on Vacation (3.5 stars) and Book Lovers (3 stars). I get the hype, truly. This author has such a way of making her readers feel seen. Though her characters seem a little caricature-ish to me, I like them. I respect them. And she writes good last-quarter angst. 😂😭

When I was going through Emily Henry’s profile on GR, I was shocked to see that I’d apparently read from her already in the past — The Love That Split the World (2.5 stars), way back in 2015 — which was a romantasy. Emily does have more of an established style now, which I think works much better for her.

What’s up next? Funny Story just came out, and EVERYONE has been raving about it. The lowest rating I’ve seen from GR friends is a 3.5, which is still pretty high. I’m definitely still interested in Emily Henry’s books in general. I think her books are going to be a staple for me when I’m in need of a quick, light, movie-esque read. 💖

Ana Huang

twisted love ana huang
twisted games ana huang
twisted hate ana huang
king of wrath ana huang

I’m not going to lie — I know with books like these that there’s a 90% chance I’ll hate them. 😂 Ana Huang writes about hot, brooding men who possibly a.) are filthy rich, b.) are super strong, c.) are emotionally damaged, or d.) all of the above. Which is not my type in guys. At all. But as a 2010s Wattpad girlie, I know that I can come to love this kind of ML if they’re written well.

I read Twisted Love (1 star) on a whim… and developed a searing, passionate hate for this book. I get annoyed pretty easily, but takes a lot to make me mad, and this book made me livid. Alex Volkov deserves to go to jail. The details are in my GR review, but TLDR: he’s a creep.

Am I going to read her other books? Maybe. I have this weird curiosity towards Ana Huang’s books. The next Twisted books are rated much more positively than Twisted Love. I’m curious about Twisted Hate in particular, because I did like the taste of Josh/Jules that we got in the first book. One of my best friends IRL also really enjoyed it, along with King of Wrath, and I trust her opinions on books more than anyone’s.

Ann Liang

i hope this doesnt find you ann liang
this time its real ann liang
if you could see the sun ann liang
a song to drown rivers ann liang

I haven’t been having the best luck with YA contemporary romances in a while, but I decided to give I Hope This Doesn’t Find You (4 stars) a shot since everyone was loving it. I’m happy to say that I loved it, too! Ann Liang writes such honest characters who are lovely people but are still definitely flawed. I loved both the FL and the ML in this book, and felt every emotion that came with their story.

After that, I definitely wanted more from this author. I picked up This Time It’s Real (3 stars), and while I didn’t love it as much as IHTDFY, it was still a fun, cutesy pick-me-up. 😊

What about her fantasy books? I’ll admit that the reason why I haven’t picked up If You Could See the Sun is because I’m kind of intimidated by it. In my head, I see Ann Liang as a new favorite contemporary romance author, and I’m scared that I might ruin that by the slight possiblity that I won’t enjoy this, since I’m not always in the mood for magical realism. BUT I will definitely pick this up eventually. A Song to Drown Rivers, on the other hand, I am STOKED for. Historical fantasy is a genre I LOVE, and I’m hoping Ann Liang can work her magic and give me some lovable, relatable characters to read about in my favorite kind of story.

Let’s chat!

What are your thoughts on these 3 popular romance authors? Which Emily Henry books were a hit for you? Are Ana Huang’s books worth reading? Do you prefer Ann Liang’s contemporary romances, or her fantasy romances? Aaaand are there any more popular romance authors you’d like to recommend for me? 💖

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16 responses to “How Do I Feel About These Popular Romance Authors? Let’s Talk Emily Henry, Ana Huang, and Ann Liang!”

  1. Rissi Avatar

    Sometimes I think the hyped books and authors are WAY overblown, but sometimes I too adore an overhyped author or book. I think sometimes the book may not always be the best, but as you say, it’s relatable and something the reader “needs” and so that’s what makes it so good. Sometimes as readers, and I know I fall into this camp, we don’t want something heavy or dark. We just want a book that is cheerful and easy reading. 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting my Top Ten list today!

  2. […] heroine and continued to do so even when she rejected him. My full thoughts are on my GR review. I still want to give Ana Huang’s other books a chance though. I’ve heard her other heroes don’t necessarily belong in jail. We’ll see. Let me […]

  3. Susy's Cozy World Avatar

    I have only read a couple of Henry’s books and nothing by the other authors. But the two books I read by Henry were quite nice. I really enjoyed Beach Read while I wasn’t as happy for Book Lovers, but I still enjoyed it!

  4. Haze Avatar

    I love Emily Henry’s books! I dnf’d Ana Huang, and I’ve never heard of Ann Liang, but you’ve made me very excited about trying her books!


  5. Meezan Avatar

    I enjoy clean romance and romcoms. I haven’t read any of these authors, but I’ve heard a lot about Emily Henry. Have a great week. 🙂

  6. Sophia (Bookwyrming Thoughts) Avatar

    I was shocked too when I found out Emily Henry wrote The Love That Split the World – tbh, I was like, “Didn’t she write a YA??? Wasn’t it fantasy and romance???” when I first read her adult romcom. I agree she does have a more established style that works better for her (and it definitely worked out!). I have yet to read Funny Story, though, but I think it’s because I haven’t really been keeping up with recent releases all too much.

    I have not read Ana Huang or Ann Liang though, but I know I have both of those authors on TBR list. I don’t think I’ll read Huang’s Twisted series, though, mostly because I’m not really a big fan of books like those but King of Wrath is a little more up my alley? (Maybe not much, though, but worth a try.)

  7. Jodie | That Happy Reader Avatar

    Emily Henry is an auto-read author for me but I can see that her books wouldn’t be for everyone. I find that my taste in books changes over time somewhat but I’ve always been a sucker for a rom-com.

  8. Jen Ryland Avatar

    I am not a big romance reader, but Emily H’s books are just OK to me. I’ve been trying to figure out why and hoping to do a post soon. I haven’t read any Ana Huang. I tried This Time It’s Real and felt pretty “eh” about it. Give me Axie Oh, Talia Hibbert or Jenny Han all day!!! And loved The Comeback by Lily Chu in the adult celeb romance lane…

  9. Emily Jane Avatar

    I’ve only read Book Lovers by Emily Henry. It was average for me. I have got 2 other books of hers to read just in case they are better 🤣

    Have a great week!

  10. Rachel @Waves of Fiction Avatar
    Rachel @Waves of Fiction

    I’ve enjoyed most of Emily Henry’s books except for A Million Junes. Also, People We Meet on Vacation was my least favorite because looking back, it was super angsty and melancholy, but I did rate it 4.5 at the time.

    I think Ana Huang would be way too ansty for me. Not my thing. I’ve been more drawn to mystery/thriller or urban fantasy books lately.

  11. hena Avatar

    I have read two Emily Henry books.. Vacation and Beach Reads.. liked both a lot. I am not a big romance reader but she and Katherine Center are my go to’s if I need a romance book.
    I have heard of Ann Huang but do not plan on reading any of her books.. not my type.
    Ann Liang is new to me and since you loved her book so much I’ll go check it out.

  12. Cindy Davis Avatar

    I read Beach Reads by Emily Henry and was turned off by the excessive cursing and the making out/sex scenes. I recently grabbed Book Lovers from a free little library, but I am not sure I will read it, since it might be the same. I have not read the other authors.

  13. Mary Kirkland Avatar

    I haven’t read these authors.

  14. yvonne473 Avatar

    I haven’t read any of these authors, but I do have a couple of Emily Henry’s books on my TBR. They look really good.

  15. Samantha @WLABB Avatar

    I read This Time It’s Real and thought it was a great YA romance. Ana Huang is too angsty for me. Just not my thing, though the story was fine (I think I read Twisted Love). But Henry is a favorite. From my very first book (The Love That Split the World back in 2015), I have been a fan. I like her style and her stories.

  16. Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer Avatar

    I have only read 2 of Henry’s and loved them. Book Lovers & Funny Story. I haven’t tried the other authors.

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